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25 FREE Christmas Crochet Patterns You Need to Try for Your Holiday Party

‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ mood has finally arrived! As autumn packs her bags, and winter generously starts covering everything in snow, one city at a time, we can’t help but get in the festive mood. Who would resist a thousand lights covering the city, the gorgeous, breath-taking shopping decorations that make you feel happy as a child in a candy store, and the cheerful, happy Christmas spirit that simply fills out the cold air? No one! That’s why so many of us prefer to start decorating our homes earlier, just so we can enjoy the Christmas spirit a few more minutes.

While Christmas decorating and getting festive is fun, which will make this experience even more enjoyable is having these decorations done by ourselves! Regardless whether they are for our own homes or we are making them give them as Christmas gifts, Christmas Crocheting will not only help us get in Christmas mood but it will also make us feel like we are actively participating in the creation of Christmas magic! And who can resist that?

To help you start this Christmas season, we have compiled our cheerful 25 free Christmas Crochet Patterns You-Need-to-Try-for-Your-Holiday-Party-list that will help you bring Christmas magic into your home and the homes of those you love! Don’t wait on Santa, grab your needles and let’s make some Christmas Crochet magic:

25 FREE Christmas Crochet Patterns You Need to Try for Your Holiday Party


Alberelli Christmas Decoration

Alberelli Christmas Decoration

Adorable, cute and sweet, these Christmas tree decorations are simple and easy to make, and are perfect decorations for almost anything! They can be part of already existing Christmas wreath or they can make a hanging decoration for indoors and outdoors! You can even add decorations on them, making them personalized, just follow these simple instructions!

Designer : Ilaria Designs
Pattern Here: Alberelli Christmas Decoration


Gingerbread Christmas Stocking

Gingerbread Christmas Stocking

One of the most adorable Christmas traditions is watching your loved ones unpack their gifts and check their Christmas stocking! This year, you can surprise them even more by making the Christmas Stocking by yourself; all you need is yarn in brown/white color, a crochet hook, yarn cutter, tapestry needle and of course, the optional decorations like buttons, pompoms and even candy to decorate the stocking!

Designer : Twinkie Chan
Pattern Here: Gingerbread Christmas Stocking


One hour Christmas bell

One hour Christmas bell

In all honesty, one cannot simply decorate a Christmas tree without some Christmas bells! Now, if you follow this detailed free pattern and use the circular crochet method, you will be able to create your own Christmas bell in any color you like and bring uniqueness to your Christmas tree!

Designer : EmmHouse
Pattern Here: One hour Christmas bell


Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Why spend a ton of money on buying a Christmas Tree Advent Calendar when you can actually make one? It may seem complex, and the decorations may scare you at first look, but this tree Christmas advent calendar is easy to make, and remember, you can choose which decorations you want to do!

Designer : Erin
Pattern Here: Christmas Tree Advent Calendar


Christmas Wreath

Christmas Wreath

Nothing screams ‘we love Christmas’ like the good-old Christmas wreath on your door! This unique, gorgeous Christmas wreath is created from 3 simple patterns that repeat more or less: a holly leaves pattern, pinecone, and berries – and all of them are quite simple, so even beginners can make them!

Designer : The lazy hobbyhopper
Pattern Here: Christmas Wreath


Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells

What do you guys think of colorful Christmas bells? These are perfect decorations for your Christmas tree and you can practically add them anywhere, to your hanging decorations, wreath, as part of Christmas blanket instead of pompoms, literally they will make everything more Christmassy and beautiful!

Designer : The lazy hobbyhopper
Pattern Here: Christmas Bells


Christmas Tree

Easy crochet Christmas Tree free pattern

Super easy, fun, gorgeous and ideal for any newbie, these Christmas trees will light up any home, bringing the festive spirit and catching everyone’s attention! Best part? You can make them in any size you want!

Designer : MALLOO
Pattern Here: Christmas Tree


Kitschy Christmas Tree Scarf

Easy crochet Kitschy Christmas Tree Scarf free pattern

All of you who simply love everything about Christmas know that now you can simply wrap yourself in Christmas festivity with this fun, stunning Christmas tree scarf! Easy and fun, made with simple basic crochet stitches, this scarf will keep you warm and festive!

Designer : Mollie Johanson
Pattern Here: Kitschy Christmas Tree Scarf


Little Christmas elf

Easy crochet Little Christmas elf free pattern

Who is up for building a Christmas elf? If you are up for a challenge, and you know your way around crocheting, test your skills and create this stunning little Christmas elf that will cheer up your kids!

Designer : lilleliis
Pattern Here: Little Christmas elf


Christmas tree tablecloth

Easy crochet Christmas tree tablecloth free pattern

Can Christmas really be competed without a gorgeous Christmas tablecloth? Of course not! This year, all of you can create your own Christmas tree tablecloth by following this tutorial and free pattern and combining several stitches!

Designer : Beautiful Knit
Pattern Here: Christmas tree tablecloth


Ye Olde Christmas Stocking

Easy crochet Ye Olde Christmas Stocking free pattern

Another stocking pattern worth mentioning for everyone more on the traditional side is Ye Olde Christmas Stocking! Looking fancy but being quite simple, this free pattern will show you how to use whip stitch method to create fun, classy stocking that everyone loves!

Designer : Connie Lee
Pattern Here: Ye Olde Christmas Stocking


Granny Hexagon Crochet Tree Skirt

Easy crochet Granny Hexagon Crochet Tree Skirt free pattern

Christmas tree skirts contribute to the overall aesthetic of the Christmas tree, giving it more personality. Now, you can create your own gorgeous Granny Hexagon Crochet Tree Skirt that will make your tree even more stunning!

Designer : Kara Gunza
Pattern Here: Granny Hexagon Crochet Tree Skirt


Holiday Deer

Easy crochet Holiday Deer free pattern

Oh deer, oh deer, this crotchet pattern sure brings Christmas cheer! Anyone who enjoys a good challenge, let’s test your skills and create this Holiday cheer deer!

Designer : Spin a Yarn Crochet
Pattern Here: Holiday Deer


Festive Reindeer Headband

Easy crochet Festive Reindeer Headband free pattern

Reindeer Headbands are adored by everyone, kids, teens even grown-ups since they bring our inner child out! Now you can create your own festive reindeer headband just by following Jennifer’s instructions!

Designer : Jennifer
Pattern Here: Festive Reindeer Headband


Christmas Light Decorations

Easy crochet Christmas Light Decorations free pattern

While these lights may not shine, they most certainly will bring out the holiday spirit, regardless of where you put them! Simple, colorful and fun – they sure will capture everyone’s attention!

Designer : Wink
Pattern Here: Christmas Light Decorations


Stockholm Free Christmas Stocking Pattern

Easy crochet Stockholm Free Christmas Stocking free pattern

Speaking of stocking, can we just take a second and appreciate this timeless, Nordic-inspired crochet Christmas stocking that simply screams minimalism, elegance, and Christmas? If you love it as much as we do, follow Jess’s instructions and bring the Nordic Spirit to your home!

Designer : Make & Do Crew
Pattern Here: Stockholm Free Christmas Stocking Pattern


Gingerbread Tree

Easy crochet Gingerbread Tree free pattern

Imagine the pappiness kids will experience when they see the two things they love about Christmas, Christmas tree and gingerbread combined into one – Gingerbread tree! Even we are excited!

Designer : Carolyn
Pattern Here: Gingerbread Tree


Flocked Christmas Tree

Easy crochet Flocked Christmas Tree free pattern

Adorable, cute, simple to make and gorgeous to look at, the flocked Christmas tree decorations are a must-have! They will sparkle joy and bring festivity to every Christmas dinner and dazzle everyone! Just looking at them will make you happy!

Designer : Cintia
Pattern Here: Flocked Christmas Tree


Double Loop Santa Beanie

Easy crochet Double Loop Santa Beanie free pattern

This Christmas crochet list will not be complete without fluffy, adorable Santa beanie! What we appreciate the most is, Ashlee Marie offers us free patterns for several different sizes and different styles; find the new versions right here!

Designer : Ashlee
Pattern Here: Double Loop Santa Beanie


Amigurumi Santa and Elf

Easy crochet Amigurumi Santa and Elf free pattern

Although they are only a few inches tall, these mini Santa and Elf toys will stand on their own and bring fussiness and cuteness to your home! We can freely say that the pattern is more or less similar for both of them, just with few slight, small changes in colors and details, but still, they are quite easy to make!

Designer : Not Your Yiyas Crochet
Pattern Here: Amigurumi Santa and Elf


Santa’s Helper Elf Hat

Easy crochet Santa’s Helper Elf Hat free pattern

In all movies, we see how much Santa’s helpers – elves help him create and deliver gifts, so it’s no wonder that kids love these creatures! There is something magical about watching your kids in cute, little fluffy elf hats jumping around your home, trying to help you decorate the tree! Now, you can show how much you appreciate their help by creating a special elf hat for them with the most adorable elf ears on the side! Who can resist?

Designer : Make & Do Crew
Pattern Here: Santa’s Helper Elf Hat


Holiday Fair Isle Rug

Easy crochet Holiday Fair Isle Rug free pattern

Christmas is that time of the year when our craft gets special attention, making those cozy vibes that Crocheting gives even more special, appreciated and loved. This is the case with this colorful rug in Christmas spirit that can go anywhere, next to the fireplace, in your kids’ room, or simply in the hall welcoming your guests!

Designer : Briana Kepner
Pattern Here: Holiday Fair Isle Rug


Chester the Christmas Cat

Easy crochet Chester the Christmas Cat free pattern

Cats and Christmas, it does not get any better than that! Combine these two and create Chester – the adorable, curious Christmas cat who loves hiding in stockings! No one can resist Chester’s kids, not even adults!

Designer : All About Ami
Pattern Here: Chester the Christmas Cat


Countdown To Christmas Crochet Advent Calendar

Easy crochet Countdown To Christmas Crochet Advent Calendar free pattern

If you prefer the traditional look for Christmas Advent Calendars, we have the perfect free pattern for you! Colorful, delightful and practical, this calendar is meant for all intermediates who love giving creative, fun twists to the old advent calendars!

Designer : Yarn Spirations
Pattern Here: Countdown To Christmas Crochet Advent Calendar


Snowball Wreath

Easy crochet Snowball Wreath free pattern

Are you dreaming of white Christmas? Well, if the snow refuses to come to your city, you can bring it to your home through your decorations, specifically through this snowball wreath that simply looks amazing!

Designer : Repeat Crafter Me
Pattern Here: Snowball Wreath

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