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25 Creative Crochet Projects To Show Your Love!

It is the perfect time of year to curl up inside with a nice movie and a stack of yarn. Why not get started on making things for Valentine’s Day! It’s not like Walmart or any of the other major retailers will let us forget what time of year it’s going to be, so let’s go ahead and dive right in!

We’ve got everything that you could need for this time of year – from coasters to garlands to an adorable stuffed cupid! At the end of the day, we all know that you’re going to crochet everything on this list, so let’s get started!

25 Creative Crochet Projects To Show Your Love


Madly in Love Cowl

Crochet Madly in Love Cowl Free Pattern

This beautiful design is named Madly In Love – a seriously good choice of words seeing as you are going to be madly in love with this infinity scarf! A beautiful red to match the time of year with eye catching heart shaped buttons adding just the right amount of flair.

Designer : Moogly
Pattern Here: Madly in Love Cowl


Love Note Crochet Pocket Pillow

Crochet Love Note Crochet Pocket Pillow Free Pattern

Are you looking for the perfect way to get across the way that you feel? Look no farther than this Love Note Pocket Pillow. It’s intricate yet simple design is both stunning and comes with an easy to follow pattern. And what better way to get across how you feel than a personalized note inside of the pocket of this pillow?

Designer : Sewrella
Pattern Here: Love Note Crochet Pocket Pillow


Belle Heart Coaster

Crochet Belle Heart Coaster Free Pattern

In search of a quick gift for this Valentines day? Whip up a few of these really quick but super cute Heart Coasters! Not only is the pattern simple enough to master it in a matter of minutes, they also look as if they were made by a professional!

Designer : Kim Guzman
Pattern Here: Belle Heart Coaster


I Give You My Heart Valentine’s Cupid

Crochet I give you my heart Valentine's Cupid Free Pattern

If you are looking to take on a more complex pattern for this time of year, then I have just the one for you. This beautiful Valentine’s Day Cupid – complete with a halo and a stuffed heart – is just what you’re looking for to really show the person that you love how much they truly own your heart.

Designer : Harumi Levenhagen
Pattern Here: I Give You My Heart Valentine’s Cupid


Diy Valentines Crochet Notebook Sweater


Do you have a writer or journalist in your life? Then this notebook sweater might be what they’re looking for out of Valentine’s this year. It’s stunning – yet practical! They will never have to worry about their notebooks getting cold again!

Designer : Claireabellemakes
Pattern Here: Diy Valentines Crochet Notebook Sweater


Heart Balloon

Crochet Heart Balloon Free Pattern

A cute little gift can go a long way! If you’re in the need for bulk pieces to maybe hand out to all of your coworkers or even at a family Valentine’s Dinner, there is this beautiful Heart Balloon Pattern that would be perfect. It’s fast enough that you can whip up several if you need to!

Designer : Matt Spiers
Pattern Here: Heart Balloon


Parisienne Beret

Crochet Parisienne Beret Free Pattern

February 14th is the perfect time to give out pretty much anything that has a heart on it. This beret is included in that statement – a definite statement piece on its own! This beret could easily tie together just about any Valentine’s day outfit and is versatile enough that the owner could wear it any time of year! This is the kind that I would even just make it for myself to wear, honestly.

Designer : Sewrella
Pattern Here: Parisienne Beret


I Heart U Mug Cozy

Crochet I heart u mug cozy Free Pattern

Have you ever been worried about your mug getting cold? Or even if you mug just isn’t festive enough? Maybe all of your Valentine’s mugs are dirty and you seriously don’t feel like washing any of them. Do not fear! I have an eye-catching pattern that fits your oddly specific needs. It’s an “I heart u” mug cozy! Crochet a little sweater for your mug – it’s all the rage.

Designer : Kirsten Ballering
Pattern Here: I Heart U Mug Cozy


Heart C2C Scarf

Crochet Heart C2C Scarf Free Pattern

Who doesn’t love a corner to corner (C2C) pattern? You match that with the time of year, and this hearted scarf, who could ask for a better combo? Complete with puffy balls that match the outer rim of the heart, this scarf is sure to make whoever is wearing it feel special.

Designer : Tonya Bush
Pattern Here: Heart C2C Scarf


A Smitten Mitten For Holding Hands


Are you the perfect amount of clingy? Do you walk that thin line between being that obnoxious couple and the one that everyone is envious of? Forget that line completely and dive into who you really want to be – that couple that shares a mitten when it’s cold outside! Smitten Mitten is a free design that is made for anyone who thinks that handcuffs might be a little too risqué to wear in public.

Designer : Nicole Riley
Pattern Here: A Smitten Mitten For Holding Hands


C2C Valentine’s Heart Table Runner

Crochet C2C Valentine’s Heart Table Runner Free Pattern

Lacking the perfect centerpiece for your Valentine’s day dinner? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with this beautiful C2C Valentine’s Heart Table Runner. Another corner to corner piece, making it both stunning and really quick to work up. If you’re looking for something a little more on the classy side, this is it.

Designer : Repeat Crafter Me
Pattern Here: C2C Valentine’s Heart Table Runner


Valentine’s Candy Crochet Bags

Crochet valentine’s candy crochet bags Free Pattern

Do you have little ones that you want to make something special for this holiday? Or maybe you just have a lot of friends that you’re having a friend’s date all together. Either way, these cute little Valentine’s Day Candy Crochet Bags fit the bill! They’re reusable too, so if they need a change purse it’s a two in one present for them!

Designer : Repeat Crafter Me
Pattern Here: Valentine’s Candy Crochet Bags


Baby Heart Mittens

Crochet BABY HEART MITTENS Free Pattern

Speaking of little ones, these little Baby Heart Mittens would be the perfect gift to any little one in your life. They’re perfect for the February cold while also bringing out that Valentine’s day spirit. They’re a smaller project so you can easily structure them in between large projects if you just need a break from big ideas.

Designer : 1 Dog Woof
Pattern Here: Baby Heart Mittens


Valentine’s Day Crochet Heart With Chart

Crochet Valentine's Day crochet heart with chart Free Pattern

Have you been charmed? Well charm them right back with this Valentines Day Crochet. They can easily be used as lavender sachets for wardrobes or keychains – or even as accents for hanging on bags! They are as versatile as they come and are very easily my favorite on this list!

Designer : Anabelia
Pattern Here: Valentine’s Day Crochet Heart With Chart


Ombre Heart Coaster

Crochet Ombre Heart Coaster Free Pattern

Looking for a quick way to brighten up someone’s day? These simple heart patterns can be added to literally anything. A coaster, a bunting, added to a beret or slouch beanie, tack it onto a scarf, piece together garland – the world is your oyster!

Designer : LillaBjorn crochet
Pattern Here: Ombre Heart Coaster


Love at First Sip Coffee Sleeve

Crochet Love at First Sip Coffee Sleeve Free Pattern

Avid coffee drinker? Do you have someone else in your life that can’t live without their cup of joe? Well, how about you add a little spice to their life by creating this “Love at First Sip” coffee sleeve for their coffee cup! It’s beautiful and simple design is just the right amount of eye catching!

Designer : a crocheted simplicity


Conversation Heart Garland

Crochet Conversation Heart Garland Free Pattern

Garlands are a really big part of this time of year! This one in particular can convey the exact message that you’re trying to get across to your Valentine. It is a super simple pattern that will leave the recipient agreeing without a doubt to your crocheted conversational heart pattern!

Designer: Twinkie Chan
Pattern Here: Conversation Heart Garland


Heart Shaped Storage Baskets


If you are looking to go all out this Valentine’s Day season – lets start with making some real house décor! These beautiful Crochet Heart Shaped Storage Baskets are the perfect way to store all of your odds and ends while you’re making all of your presents for Valentine’s! Treat yourself, for once!

Designer: MY POPPET
Pattern Here: Heart Shaped Storage Baskets


Hearts Wall Hanging On A Limb


Always preverbally talking about going out on a limb, but how about your put your money where your mouth is? Or, in this case, your heart where you mouth is? These hearts on a limb are exactly the kind of personified idea that we need for this Valentine’s day. So simple and yet so meaningful!

Designer: Sara Rivka
Pattern Here: Hearts Wall Hanging On A Limb


Heart Shaped Pillow

Crochet Heart Shaped Pillow Free Pattern

Valentine’s Day is about the celebration of love. It’s about sweet trees and making heart shaped everything. That includes pillows! This heart shaped pillow is as cute as a button! Talk about decorating for the holiday, with this pillow put out no one could begin to deny your love for the season!

Designer: Leelee Knits
Pattern Here: Heart Shaped Pillow


Tapestry Heart Cup Cozy


Nothing is more important than letting Valentine’s day touch every single portion of your life – we’ve covered mugs, we’ve given coffee to-go cups their sleeves but I know what you have all been waiting for!! This beautiful Reusable Cotton Cup Cozy with an adorable heart pattern is just the thing to round out your drink ware wear collection!

Designer: You Should Craft
Pattern Here: Tapestry Heart Cup Cozy


Valentine’s Day Wreath


Are you looking to make a statement? Are you trying to make sure that the entire neighborhood knows exactly how much you love love? Well, don’t worry! This giant Valentine’s Day Wreath is the perfect thing to put on your door to show exactly how much the season means to you!

Designer: Erica Fedor
Pattern Here: Valentine’s Day Wreath


Candy Conversation Hearts Keychains For Valentine’s Day


The little Candy Conversation Hearts are the cutest! I seriously cannot wait to make some for myself, they’re just the cutest little thing. Super simple pattern and will definitely make an impact on whoever is on the receiving end of these cuties!

Designer: 1 Dog Woof
Pattern Here: Candy Conversation Hearts Keychains For Valentine’s Day


Circle Of Love Afghan

Crochet CIRCLE OF LOVE AFGHAN Free Pattern

Nothing gets me like a blanket – so we will start there. This circular beauty is not only a decoration but also something so cozy and warm that no one would be able to turn it away! Moments of clarity, bursts of brightness, a deep ombre of feeling, and an oversized ruffle to share!

Designer: Moogly Blog
Pattern Here: Circle Of Love Afghan


Valentine Heart Crochet Owl

Valentine Heart Crochet Owl Free Pattern

A stuffed heart owl to bring it to a close. If you’re looking for something that probably anyone would love, then look no farther. Who doesn’t love owls! Mix that in with the cuteness factor that the heart on its stomach brings and this cutie is sure to be a winner!

Designer: Repeat Crafter Me
Pattern Here: Valentine Heart Crochet Owl

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